So I am writing to let you all know that it is possible to be a femme, a feminist and a slut all at the same time.

Do you need time to let that sink in a little?

I’ll wait…

I know there are several institutions that say something different but I want to let you know that their opinions are like assholes and it stinks that they are trying to take away our power

As women

As sexual beings.


Just because I am letting you put something inside of me does not mean that you are winning. It does not mean that you are getting away with anything. It does not mean that I am easy or stupid.

It means I wanted man sex and you weren’t being a dick so I figured I’d enjoy yours.

Stop being a summer’s eve about the whole thing.

I can’t even begin to tell you how fucking annoying fucking you has become.



I can’t even… where do I start with you?

You know what? Just stop it. From the rape threats to the sandwich jokes, stop it! The violence and the oppression is real.  Stop trying to derail me with cries of misandry!


Thank you.

Thank you for all the battles you have fought. I know my tight leopard print shirt, high heels and red lipstick sometimes seems like a slap in the face but it’s not. It’s my own personal battle gear. The men of the world will have to get used to all expressions of womanhood being equal not just the ones they have designated to be okay. From the stay at home mom to the sex worker we are fiercely powerful.

Femme, Feminist, Slut.

These things do not negate each other

They exist in harmony

Like the most delicious parfait on the face of the goddamn planet

A fat, queer, rum filled, no shit taking, sex having, gentle nurturing, leather loving parfait

Eat it!