Toronto Burlesque Festival

Toronto Burlesque Festival 2012 – 5th Annual Burlesque Ball – Part 2 By Photolena July 2012 ​ …I was truly looking forward to seeing the gals of Rubenesque Burlesque from Oakland. They represent one of the ideals that I love most about burlesque and cabaret – all women are sexy when they’re up on stage. If you have the charisma and the talent to strut your stuff in front of the spotlight, you will blow the audience away – and they absolutely did! I loved the comedic irony of the routine – the gals are stuck at a fat camp with an unbelievably chipper and annoying Skinny Minny camp leader who’s putting them through some boring cheerleader-style exercise routines that no one would ever really want to do. They band together and overpower the hapless girl. Cannibal-style, they have a lovely feast of her parts – quite fun watching these lovely gals chewing on severed legs and arms. Strong, gorgeous women who show us all you don’t have to push yourself to try and fit into society’s ideas of beauty.


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