About Me


My name is Irene McCalphin and I am a recovering Grateful Fat Chick.


I let marginalization and oppression derail my life.

I used my weight as an excuse to not work hard enough to have a life well lived because I believed all those lies society, the media and my own family told me. I was grateful for scraps of affection and sold myself for the cheap price of someone else’s acceptance.

This is my ACTIVISM.

This is a resource,  a dumping ground, a memoir,  a reminder a call to arms to every BODY everywhere to celebrate their now without comparison.

This is for selfish and self serving reasons: To keep myself from ever becoming that grateful fat chick again.


Every post won’t be about fat or even body positivity.



It’s about me

It’s about being okay with taking space and creating space and I’ll just take it for granted that you intelligent wonderful human beings know  that I’m doing all this fabulous stuff while fat.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Irene,

    I saw the Fat Flash Mob Dance and thought it was amazing. I loved every moment as everyone was having a great time and it showed. I wish I lived in SF – I would have definitely joined you.



    • Hi Susan,

      I hope Juicy D. Light does it again next year. Her vision was to have it happen simultaneously in cities from coast to coast! It was wonderful to move in a public space with so many other people all dressed in their brightest and best. I hope you will join us next year where ever you may be.

      Hugs Returned,


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